Are There Defenses Against Searches by Police Dogs?

During the course of a criminal investigation, law enforcement officers will use every tool, strategy, and tactic available to get results. One of those “tools” that has increased immensely in use over the past several decades is the use of police dogs, or “K-9” officers. There are several reasons why the use of police dogs has increased, including the fact that the Supreme Court of the United States, or SCOTUS, has continuously handed down lenient rulings with regard to issues of constitutionality relating to K-9 searches. Consequently, police dogs are frequently used to search for illegal contraband such as drugs or explosives. If you are currently facing criminal charges in a case where a search was conducted using a K-9 unit you may be wondering “Are there defenses against searches by police dogs?” While every search by a police dog involves a unique set of facts and circumstances, there are some common defenses or challenges to a K-9 search, including: ·Initial stop


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