Can They Violate My Probation after the Probation Term Has Ended?

Probation is a sentencing option available to a judge when a defendant has entered into a plea agreement relating to a criminal offense or been found guilty of a criminal offense at trial. If you were sentenced to serve a period of time on probation and have been notified of a probation violation filed against you after your probation ended you undoubtedly want to know “Can they violate my probation after the probation term has ended?” Because of the importance of the specific facts and circumstances involved in a notice of probation violation it is always best to consult with an experienced Tennessee criminal defense attorney when you have questions or concerns relating to the notice; however, as a general rule you cannot be subject to a probation violation filed after your probation has ended because you are no longer under the supervision and jurisdiction of the sentencing court once your probation has ended. The key issue, however, is whether or not your probation was actually


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