Can I Be Arrested If the Police Have No DNA?

In the 21st century much of what people “know” about criminal investigations and the legal system comes from Hollywood blockbusters or weekly television shows. Some of these shows are even “reality” shows, leading viewers to believe they are seeing things the way they really work in real life. While this may be the case at times, more often than not what viewers are led to believe is either inaccurate or incomplete information. The importance of DNA evidence in a criminal prosecution, for example, is not clear in most of these shows and movies. Many of them make it seem as though DNA evidence is critical, leading to the question “Can I be arrested if the police have no DNA?” Deoxyribonucleic acid, more commonly referred to as “DNA”, has not been around for all that long, at least not our understanding of it. In short, DNA is the master molecule of every living cell in your body. Each cell contains DNA that provides important clues to who you will ultimately become. Tra


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