Can I Terminate my Probation early in Tennessee?

Not everyone who is convicted of a criminal offense deserves to be incarcerated as a result of that conviction. With this in mind, the criminal justice system in the United States relies heavily on alternatives to incarceration. Probation is, by far, the most commonly used of those alternatives. If you have been sentenced to probation and have complied with all the terms of your probation you likely want to know “Can I terminate my probation early in Tennessee?” Probation is a sentencing option that allows a defendant to serve his or her sentence in the community under the court’s supervision. The way a probation sentence usually works is that the judge will sentence a defendant to a term of incarceration, for example one year, and then suspend the entire sentence and allow the defendant to spend a year on probation instead. It is important to note, however, that most probationers actually have a jail/prison sentence “hanging over their heads” throughout their probationary p


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