How Long Can I Go to Jail for Trafficking in Tennessee?

Since the “War on Drugs” began back in the 1970s, states across the U.S. have universally strengthened their penalties for criminal offenses related to the possession, manufacture, or sale of a controlled substance. The State of Tennessee is no exception. If you have been arrested and charged with trafficking a controlled substance in Tennessee your first question is likely “How long can I go to jail for trafficking in Tennessee?” Like all states, Tennessee divides controlled dangerous substances, or CDS, into seven categories based on two factors. The first factor looks at how addictive the substance is and how likely it is to be abused and the second takes into consideration whether or not there is any legitimate medicinal use for the substance. For example, a Schedule I CDS have a high probability of abuse and addiction while having no recognized medical value. By the time you get to a Schedule VII substance the probability of abuse and/or addiction is very low while the le


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