Can I Do A Treatment Program Instead of Jail in Tennessee?

Statistics tell us that as many as 90 percent of incarcerated individuals housed in the nation’s jails and prisons suffer from addiction, mental health issues, or both. All too often the addiction or mental health issue is what led the inmate to commit the crime for which he/she was sentenced to jail or prison. Realizing this, more and more court systems across the country are turning to alternatives to incarceration, such a treatment programs. If you are currently facing charges in the State of Tennessee and you have an addiction and/or are suffering from mental illness you are probably wondering “Can I do a treatment program instead of jail in Tennessee?” Having a substance abuse addiction, and/or suffering from mental illness, is not an excuse for committing a criminal offense; however, it can be and explanation for why people do commit offenses. An individual with an undiagnosed mental illness often tries to “self-medicate.” This, in turn, frequently leads to a substance


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