What Is Impaired Driving in Tennessee?

Over the last several decades, the combined efforts of private advocacy groups and public agencies have resulted in an increased awareness about the dangers involved in drinking and driving. Those efforts have also led to tougher laws and heightened penalties for those convicted of driving a vehicle while impaired. In order to avoid those penalties, every motorist in the State of Tennessee should know the answer to the question “What is impaired driving in Tennessee?” Most people know that the “legal limit” for drinking and driving is 0.08 percent; however, knowing that is not enough to keep you from getting arrested, charged, and convicted of impaired driving. Tennessee Code 55-10-401 is where Tennessee’s impaired driving statute is found, which reads as follows: It is unlawful for any person to drive or to be in physical control of any automobile or other motor driven vehicle on any of the public roads and highways of the state, or on any streets or alleys, or while on the


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