Do Child Protection Workers Have a Right to Enter Your Home to Investigate a Report of Child Abuse?

For most parents, one of the most terrifying things that can occur is to have child protection workers show up on your doorstep to conduct an investigation. Even if you know that you personally have done nothing wrong, a number of frightening scenarios will likely go through your mind. Moreover, if you have never been confronted with allegations of abuse or neglect you likely have no idea how to handle the situation nor what your rights are under the circumstances. For example, do child protection workers have a right to enter your home to investigate a report of child abuse? Can you refuse to cooperate and/or refuse to allow them in your home? Knowing the answers to questions like these will be imperative if you suddenly find yourself face to face with a child protection worker who is following up on a report of abuse or neglect. Investigations into child abuse or neglect are handled somewhat like a criminal investigation; however, with some significant differences. It is best though


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