Will I Be Drug Tested in Court?

If you are arrested and charged with a criminal offense in the State of Tennessee it can be a frightening and intimidating experience, particularly if it is the first time you have been through the process. All sorts of questions are likely running through your head, such as “What does the prosecutor need to show to convict me?” Or “What will happen to my career if I am convicted?” Of more immediate concern is the question “Will I be drug tested in court?” The answer to that question depends on the context. Whether you have a full-blown drug addiction, are a casual user of “recreational” drugs, or you marijuana for medicinal purposes, if you submit to a drug test you will test positive. With this in mind you are justified in being concerned about the possibility of a drug test as a result of your status as a defendant in the court system. There are essentially two different scenarios in which you could be drug tested in court or ordered to submit to a drug test while i


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