If You Believe a Child Is Being Abused Do You Have to Report It?

Child abuse is one of those crimes that was once largely “swept under the carpet” in the United States by law enforcement, courts, and society as a whole. Those days are long past. Today, the abuse or neglect of a child is taken extremely seriously by law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, and the judicial system as a whole. What should you do if you think a child you know is the victim of abuse? What are you required to do? If you have reason to believe a child is being abused do you have to report it? Though it can be a very difficult position to be in, the simple answer to that question is “yes” in the State of Tennessee. Sadly, most people will find themselves in the precarious position of suspecting abuse or neglect of a child they know at some point in time. It might be the little neighbor girl who rarely talks and always seems to have unexplained bruises or it could be your own grandchild who has recently become withdrawn and hostile. Regardless of who the p


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