Are Motorcycle Riders at Greater Risk of Injury than other Motorists?

If you own a motorcycle you undoubtedly enjoy the freedom of riding through Tennessee’s magnificent rolling hills and unspoiled back country roads. There is simply nothing like the feel of the wind on your face as you glide down the road on a beautiful summer day. Unfortunately, however, all of that comes at a price because bikers remain at greater risk of injury than other motorists. Why are motorcycle riders at greater risk of injury? Contrary to what many people believe, the answer has more to do with other motorists than with the motorcycles themselves. While it is true that motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than passenger vehicles, the greatest risk to bikers comes from other drivers on the roadway. No one would argue that a motorcycle lacks the protection afforded the occupants of a passenger vehicle by virtue of the fact that a passenger vehicle puts a barrier of steel between the occupants and an oncoming vehicle. Clearly, when a biker is involved in a collision with


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