What Are the Penalties for Driving Under the Influence in Tennessee?

Over the last several decades a concerted effort has been made by both governmental agencies and private advocacy groups to raise public awareness regarding the dangers of drinking and driving. As part of those efforts, most states, including the State of Tennessee, have strengthened their drinking and driving laws as well as increased the penalties for a conviction of those laws. If you have been arrested and charged with drinking and driving, you need to know the penalties for driving under the influence in Tennessee. In the State of Tennessee, as is the case in most states, the potential penalties you face for a conviction of an alcohol related driving offense will depend on several factors. One of the most important factors is whether or not you have been convicted of the same, or similar, offense in the past. The following is a summary of potential penalties for some of the most common driving under the influence, or DUI, charges in Tennessee; however, because of the numerous var


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