Can I Sue the Doctor or Hospital for a Wrongful Death?

The death of a love one is never easy to accept. When that death was unexpected it is even harder to reconcile. If a loved one died while under the care of a physician or hospital, your first reaction may be to blame the physician or hospital. Consequently, you may be wondering “Can I sue the doctor or hospital for a wrongful death?” Because of the unique set of facts and circumstances surrounding any death, only an experienced Tennessee wrongful death attorney can evaluate your specific situation and advise you as to whether or not it provides the basis for a wrongful death lawsuit; however, some basic information regarding what constitutes a wrongful death in Tennessee and who can pursue a lawsuit for wrongful death may be a good place to start. Though it may be tempting to point the finger at a healthcare provider whenever someone dies under their care, it is important to remember that not all deaths occurring under those circumstances are what the law considers a “wrongful d


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