Are Expert Witnesses Necessary in a Trucking Accident Lawsuit?

Although any type of motor vehicle accident can result in serious, even fatal, injuries to the occupants of the involved vehicles, the victims of a trucking accident are at far greater risk of serious injury given the sheer size and weight of the vehicle involved in the crash. Consequently, litigating a trucking accident case can also be more complicated than the average passenger vehicle accident lawsuit. Expert witnesses, for example, are often required in a rucking accident lawsuit in order for the victim to prove negligence and/or to prove the extent of the injuries caused by that negligence. Only an experienced Tennessee trucking accident attorney can advise you regarding the need for expert witnesses in your specific case; however, it may help to understand ahead of time why they are often required in the event your case does require the assistance of expert witnesses. In the average passenger vehicle collision it is usually fairly easy to tell what happened prior to the crash a


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