4 Scenarios in Which You Need a Criminal Law Attorney

If you are a hard-working, law-abiding citizen you may be under the belief that you will never need a criminal law attorney. While you may be correct, you might also be wrong. Like many people, you may mistakenly believe that only actual criminals ever need the services of a criminal law attorney. The truth, however, is that it is often the law-abiding citizen who needs a criminal law attorney even more than a criminal does. By way of illustration, consider the following four less obvious scenarios in which you need a criminal law attorney: You Are a Witness or “Person of Interest” to a Crime People often make the mistake of assuming that if they are a witness, or someone with “helpful” information that they are on the side of the “good guys” and, therefore, have no need for an attorney. The reality, however, is that a witness can turn into a suspect with one misplaced word. Likewise, a “person of interest” is frequently just law enforcement jargon for a suspect that c


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