Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer for a Probation Violation?

If you were convicted of a criminal offense in the State of Tennessee you may have been ordered to serve a period of time on probation in lieu of, or in addition to, a period of incarceration. Throughout your probationary period, however, the court will maintain jurisdiction over you and supervise your progress. A violation of any of the terms of your probation could result in serious consequences, including a return to jail. If you have been notified that a probation violation has been filed, or you have reason to believe one will be in the near future, you should contact an experienced Tennessee criminal lawyer immediately to ensure that your rights are protected during the probation violation proceedings. Understanding Probation Unfortunately, a significant percentage of the people who are placed on probation do not have a clear understanding of what probation is and how the terms of probation work. Probation can be used an alternative sentencing option that does not require a defe


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